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    Product and Technology Development
    Integrated Services from the Idea to the Market
  • Header 5
    Company Support
    Contact for operational and strategic questions
  • Header 6
    Company Location and Infrastructure Development
    Investment and Growth Consulting with Financing Partners
  • Header 7
    Research and Development Management
    Support in Project Acquisition and Implementation
  • Header 2
    Network and Co-operation
    Structure and Management of Partnerships
  • Header 3
    Knowledge and Technology Transfer
    Support of customer-specific Developments
  • Header 4
    Innovation Funding
    Increase in Competitiveness

How can we help you?

tti Technologietransfer and Innovationsförderung Magdeburg GmbH offers integrated business services from one source. We support companies and technology-oriented entrepreneurs in the field of research and development, we broker national and international co-operation agreements, encourage start-ups, facilitate corporate settlements and help businesses grow.