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The non-destructive properties of ultrasonic measuring and testing systems are a substantial advantage when it comes to investigating layer thicknesses, interfaces and inhomogeneity’s in various materials and composites. Compared to classical methods, these systems reduce inspection costs and inspection times, downtimes, prevent the premature replacement of machines, equipment, constructions and pipelines, and increase product quality and safety. At the same time, ultrasound diagnosis is a useful addition to other methods of non-destructive material testing. Different penetration depths and resolutions are possible. Due to continuous advancements in computer technologies, the further development of 3-D-imaging procedures is a necessary prerequisite for modern quality monitoring of ongoing production processes or corresponding production facilities.  

Several small and medium-sized companies as well as research partners have worked together to create a cooperation, science, innovation and marketing platform for the active and systematic development of the regional and interregional cooperation and innovation potential for the diagnostics and monitoring of industrial processes and plants with ultrasound technology and technologies. Thus, new ultrasonic devices have been developed and introduced into production. A research company was founded out of the network and was an impulse for a successful project within the framework of the company region. Certain developments have taken place in the Cluster of Medical and Health Technology. "NetUs" was funded as a Network Management East (NEMO) project by Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM).

Co-operation Network NetUS

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