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e-Power Formular 3

Energy conservation, resource and environmental protection play an increasing role in motorsports. For this reason, the network project "ePower Formula3" pursued the goal of establishing its own racing series at the Oschersleben circuit on the basis of Formula 3 racing cars with an electric motor. In doing so, the developers drew on the tried-and-tested assembly of a Formula 3 racing car, e.g. with regard to chassis monoqocue and edge suspension. The developers’ objective was to achieve motorsport-specific performance parameters similar to an F3 racing car with an Otto-cycle engine.

This network has combined capacities aimed at engineering globally leading, new and innovative technologies and systems with significant market impact. Several small and medium-sized enterprises and two research partners worked together to solve these problems. The "ePower Formula3" project was funded as a network management East (NEMO) project under the federal Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM).

Co-operation Network e-Power Formular 3

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